Our cabins

Find out more about your stay

We’ve designed low-cost, eco-friendly, wooden cabins for up to 6 people to find their own adventure break.

Our cabins are here to change the way you stay. From their sustainable design to their range of impressive features, our cabins are intended to make your short-term adventure break as carefree as possible.

Our features

Our cabins are full to the brim with features that make your stay more enjoyable: a private terrace, outdoor seating, a fully equipped kitchenette, ultra-low energy appliances, 2 shower rooms, secure bike storage, motion-activated security lights, basic cooking utensils and all linens and towels provided.


Sustainability is at the heart of our cabins, that’s why we use PEFC-certified wood for our cladding, natural Marmoleum flooring, 100% recycled Supasoft insulation made of plastic bottles and air source heat pumps for our heating and hot water.

Stay on pub land in our cabins

We, at Outdoor Inns, are responsible for everything to do with your stay; including the management, maintenance and operation of the cabins. For any and all queries, please make sure you speak to us and not the pub you’re staying at – that way they can worry less about the details and more about the drinks.

Check-in and check-out

We use smart access locks which means you don’t need to worry about keys (or more specifically losing them) when you stay with us. Each code is totally unique to you and new codes are generated for each stay, to keep you feeling safe and secure. To check-in, simply enter your check-in code to start the stay, and enter your check-out code when you leave to finish it.

What you need to bring

Our cabins come with all linen and towels, as well as basic cooking utensils. During your stay you’re in charge of bringing toiletries, any food and drinks you might want and of course good company.

Where to eat and drink

We don’t partner with beautiful pubs for no reason, we want all our guests to experience the food and drinks that our network of pubs has to offer. If you need food outside of pub hours, there’s a fully equipped kitchenette for all your snacking needs (snacks not included)

The aim of the game

We love our cabins and we know you will too, but we don’t want you sitting in them all day. All of our cabins are in or close to national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty, so you can get out and enjoy the beauty of the English countryside. We hope our cabins can be a stepping stone to your very own adventure.